FULL HAND WASH PLUS prices starting at $29*

Our basic hand wash leaves your vehicle clean and streak free, and includes pre-rinse, full exterior hand wash, wheels & rims cleaned and tires dressed.

GEM GLOSS WAX prices starting at $99*

One of our signature products, the Gem Gloss Wax treatment penetrates deep into the paint to protect your vehicle against harsh elements and restores the finish to its original lustre.


Our specially formulated sealant guarantees long lasting shine and durable protection against paint fading, harsh elements and acid rain.

PAINT CORRECTION starting at $399*

Let our master detailers revitalize and beautify your vehicle’s finish by removing oxidation, swirl marks,light to medium scratches, and abrasions with our custom formulated compounds and expert polishing technique.

ENGINE SHAMPOO starting at $79*

Promote and enhance engine performance by removing dirt, grease and grime while restoring the entire engine compartment to that ‘new engine’ look with our customized cleaning treatments and engine dressing.


IGL CoatingsTM products are formulated and produced specifically for the ultimate protection of the interior & exterior of all vehicles. All products are eco-friendly, solvent free, and safe to use. Ecocoat Quartz is made from premium grade modified silica to create a very deep, glossy, almost crystal like finish for up to 2 years. The hardness of the coating protects the paint from harsh elements and natural oxidation, and each added layer improves durability while increasing the paint’s resistance against scratches, marring and dullness. Available at select locations. Call today for pricing. KENZO is a revolutionary paint protection coating that contains 100% silica , providing the highest level of gloss and protection and is backed by an official warranty provided by IGL Coatings and supported by certified IGL Coatings Master Applicator. It forms a layer of thick coating that radiates a rich and natural glow reminiscence of a bespoke wax while providing unmatched protection. Running your hands across a Kenzo vehicle is like touching the soft luxurious silk. It will never be the same again.