How often should a car be detailed?

Maintaining your car’s interior and exterior conditions cannot be achieved through a regular wash only. It requires a more up-close approach through detailing to keep it in pristine conditions.

The frequency of detailing your car is determined by several factors that we will tackle in this article. However, on average, a vehicle should be detailed 4 to 6 times.

But first, let’s understand what car detailing is and why it’s crucial.

What you need to know about Windshield Repairs?

Imagine driving down the road, when all of a sudden the car in front of you sends a rock flying into your windshield. The first response for most drivers is to be upset about it, but then ignore it. Although the crack in your windshield may seem like a small problem; however, it won’t stay that way. The award winning In N Out Fine Auto Dtailing can help you understand why it’s important to deal with these little chips as soon as you notice them, saving you the hassle of having to replace the entire windshield.

How long will you need my vehicle?

That will of course depend on what type of service you require. When doing a thorough interior detailing involving a shampoo, we will need the vehicle of 3-4 hours. We need the time to clean the vehicle properly and have it thoroughly dry for you when you come to take it home

Can I get a ride after I leave my vehicle at your shop?

Yes. We would be happy to give you a lift on to work or back home after you have left your vehicle with us. Taking into consideration that you live in the area.

Can I wait while you are working on my vehicle?

Sure. The coffee is always on at Fine Auto Details For some smaller jobs, we can have you in and out in less than two hours.

Does your Car Need Detailing or Cleaning?

Sometimes your vehicle could simply benefit from a good car wash, to spruce it up a bit and maybe give it an overall shine. But what about when your car is filthy? If your vehicle has been neglected for a while, and is starting to look grungy to the point of obscene, then more drastic measures will likely need to be taken.

What is involved in car detailing?

Car detailing typically involves an intensive and rigorous process to pore over every inch of your vehicle in attempt to restore it to its original state. As you can probably imagine, effective auto detailing requires the proper tools, techniques, knowledge, and time.